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If you are planning a holiday in Dubai, you will find a beautiful mix of cultures and traditions from around the world. It is home to people of different nationalities and communities, which means that there are plenty of restaurants and other services that cater to their needs.

A large part of Dubai’s population consists of Indians, who have made it their home away from home. If you are an Indian traveler looking to visit Dubai and try its food, we have some useful information. In this article, you will learn about the top 10 foods to try when in Dubai and where to try them.

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1. Machboos (fragrant rice with meat)

This traditional Arabic rice dish is cooked with cinnamon, cardamom and dried lemon and is usually served with lamb, chicken or prawns. It is comparable to risotto and biryani, where the rice is cooked in a deep vessel. Since rice is such an important ingredient in the Gulf countries, you’ll likely find it in almost any meal.

Where to eat: The Majlis at Dubai Mall

Price in INR: Rs. 1500 for two people

2. Chebab (Arabic pancakes)

This Emirati-style pancake is easy to prepare and eaten with date syrup and sour cheese. It is one of the most popular breakfasts in Dubai as it can be prepared quickly and goes well with Arabic coffee. There is a wide variety of pancakes, such as strawberry, chocolate and many others, which can be found all over the city. The best Chebabs can be bought cheaply at Logma and other locations.

Where to eat: Logma at The Dubai Mall

Price in INR: Rs. 5000 for two people

3. Luqaimat (dumplings with sauce)

Fresh Luqaimat, also known as dumplings, is served with a sauce of dates or maple syrup and sesame seeds. They are similar to donuts in taste and appearance. Despite the name “luqaimat” (which means little bites), you can never have enough. They are best enjoyed for breakfast with a hot cup of coffee on a dreary morning in Dubai.

Where to eat: Local Bites Café in Jumeirah

Price in INR: Rs. 1500 for two people

4. Margoogat (meat stew)

When you visit Dubai, you must try one of its best foods: Margoogot. It is a meaty tomato-based stew cooked with cumin, turmeric and garam masala spices. You’ll find a variety of different dishes around town made with chicken or potatoes, in addition to this elegant dish. The most popular version of this delicious dish is served with chicken and is popular with locals and tourists alike. Aseelah Restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai serves the best margoogot chicken food.

Where to eat: Aseelah Restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek

Price in INR: Rs. 6500 for two people

5. Samboosa (Dubai Samosas)

Dubai has some restaurants where budget conscious visitors can satisfy their cravings. At Sambosa House, the beginning of the day is when the restaurant is busiest and serves a large number of people. People flock here to have Samboosa, which is usually filled with spices, vegetables and meat, along with a cup of hot tea. But the most popular variant is the samboosa with three types of cheese.

Where to eat: Samboosa House at Meena Bazar

Price in INR: Rs. 450 for two people

6. Camel meat

Due to its popularity in the Emirates, camel meat is one of the most common types of meat. Camel burgers, biryanis and stews are among the many foods made from camel meat. Camel meat is cheap and can be found in large quantities throughout the Middle East. If you are visiting Dubai and want to experiment with different meats, you should try them.

Where to eat: Local House Restaurant at Meena Bazar

Price in INR: Rs. 1500 for two people

7. Knafeh (crispy cake with cheese)

Knafeh is a Palestinian food that has become one of the most popular sweets in Dubai. It is made with sour cream, sugar syrup and dough and served hot from the oven with maple syrup. During the month of Ramadan, thousands of Muslims in Dubai consume this meal to mark the sunset. It is available all year round at Papa Kanafa, Project Kunafa and The Village Grill, as well as other restaurants where you can enjoy this cuisine.

Where to eat: Qwaider Al Nabulsi in Deira.

Price in INR: Rs. 1000 for two people

8. Turkish cocktails

Tasting Turkish cocktails is the ideal way to experience the authentic flavors of Dubai. A major Dubai lounge and bar, Ruya’s, introduced these drinks to the general public. They include an assortment of Turkish cocktails such as the Anatolian Fizz, which is sparkling wine mixed with traditional flavors.

Honey, spices, hibiscus, citrus and mint are the main ingredients used by their bartenders in their cocktails. In addition to serving delicious snacks, they also offer excellent dining experiences to their visitors.

Where to eat: Ruya in Jumeirah

Price in INR: Rs. 15000 for two people

9. Khubz (bread making)

Want to try fresh bread or Khubz at a bakery in Dubai? The good news is that you can! Visit the Arabic Tea House, where you can get classic Arabic bread with fresh hummus and eggplant dip. You can watch your khubz being cooked in the Arabic tea house; it has a glass window in its cooking area, giving its customers a theatrical cooking experience.

Where to eat: Arabic Tea House in Bur Dubai

Price in INR: Rs. 5000 for two people

10. Arabic coffee and da

Whether you are visiting Dubai for the first time or for the tenth time, you must try Arabic coffee and dates. It is federal government policy to serve free Arabic coffee to tourists and in hotel lobbies in the UAE. For the best Arabic coffee, go to Cafe Bateel and try their specialty qahwa. Includes roasted beans, local dates and cardamom.

Where to eat: Café Bateel in Downtown Dubai

Price in INR: Rs. 1500 for two people

During the months of November to April, Dubai is a good place to visit. The Dubai Shopping Festival, which takes place annually in winter, attracts thousands of tourists, bringing life to the city. The weather is also nice, and you can enjoy the views without worrying about the heat.

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