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amala Serena Rull crowned Mrs. UAE World 2022
Image source: INSTAGRAM amala Serena Rull crowned Mrs. UAE World 2022

Pamala Serena Rull, of Indian origin, has added another golden feather to her cap, leaving no stone unturned. Mr. Dubai Universe 2021 has won the title crown as Reigning Mrs. UAE World 2022. Making a difference, Pamala Serena Rull continues to inspire everyone with her work. As she gained international recognition, she is now ready to represent the UAE delegate globally in Las Vegas. She feels blessed to add one more glory and is delighted to be invited to the pageant on the world stage.

Pamala has been a resident of the United Arab Emirates for over a decade. With tremendous expertise on the country’s culture and heritage, the beauty queen has envisioned taking her work to a global level and representing the UAE on the world stage. With her roots in London, England, Pamala Serene Rull is of Indian origin and graduated in Psychology from the University of London. With experience working as a businesswoman in the UK and Dubai, Pamala Serena Rull has often supported women’s communities and campaigns against domestic abuse. Through her work in the beauty and fashion industry, she aims to extend her support to thousands of causes and initiatives around the world.

After winning the coveted title of Mrs. UAE World 2022, Pamala said: “I am a British-Indian woman with a heart full of culture and excitement derived from the UAE. We represent a culture of perfection together. I have been lucky and worked hard towards my goals. The my inner strength has always driven me towards my goal, and I am looking forward to representing the UAE on the world stage.”

Also, this year has been a game changer for Pamala Serena Rull as she was crowned Mrs. Dubai Universe 2021 in February, followed by Mrs. UAE World 2022 in November. In early 2021, the beauty queen dedicated her time to promoting local businesses, schools and clinics and empowering women from different walks of life. “Your experiences make you what you become in life. I’m glad I shaped my career to make an impact on society,” said Pamala.

With the success of the event, Mrs. UAE World 2022 expressed her gratitude. “It was an amazing experience to be a part of the event. I would like to congratulate my fellow contestants and wish the ladies a bright and successful future,” she added.

Some of the other awards given by Pamala Serena Rull include the Global Woman Award as “The Successful Public Figure Award 2022”, “The Strong Woman’s Award 2022” and “The BeingShe Award for the best woman of influence 2022”. In addition, she is an official Ambassador of Peace for the UN and has supported a number of charitable activities for the empowerment of women.

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