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CHENNAI: A 54-year-old resident of Kovilpatti, who lost his memory and was believed to have died in the 2004 Chennai tsunami, was reunited with his family on Tuesday. It was found near a garbage dump by the Kaaval Karangal unit of the Chennai Police with the help of a few NGOs.

With David Durairaj, who completed a teacher’s course, he got a job in a plastic mold factory in his hometown in 1990 and married in 1994. Three years later, when his daughter was two years old, his wife died in childbirth. the birth of a son.

With David Durairaj when he found it
police (L) and after meeting (R) | Express

“A few days before his death, Durairaj had an argument with his wife as he had lost his job. When his wife died, he blamed himself for not supporting his family and went to Chennai to look for a job, leaving his children to look after his wife’s family,” said Inspector T Mary Raju.

On October 10, the Kaaval Karangal unit received information about a man loitering near the dumping ground in Tambaram. With the help of a non-governmental organization, they enabled him to receive treatment. “His memory slowly returned and he told us about Kovilpatti in Thoothukudi. We informed the local police, who traced the family with the help of the man’s photograph,” added Mary Raju.

Police said Durairaj got a job in a plastic mold factory in Chennai in the late 1990s. He remembered the blow to the head, but not how or when. He also did not remember how he had lost his job. He spent the next two decades as a rag picker and his mental health steadily declined.

The man’s family thought he had died in the tsunami after a relative spotted him wandering around the marina in 2004, according to police. They performed his last rites and celebrated the anniversary of his death for the past 19 years. His son is now 25 years old and his daughter is married with children.

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