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November 29: Many people in Chennai dream of moving to Canada. The country is considered the best place to live, study or work. Individuals feel that they will have to allow a lot of time for immigration and visa processing and do not want to take any chances.

People need the help of an immigration consultant who can guide them and help streamline the process.

Factors for choosing a consultant

Choosing a consultant is a tough task as candidates have to check many things before making a final choice. Here are the factors to consider when choosing a consultant

Providing adequate leadership

A consultant must be able to provide appropriate guidance to clients. There are different types of visas and consultants need to know all of them to make the process easy. They also need to know the type of requirements required for a particular visa.

Ability to solve complex issues

There are situations where applicants’ applications get stuck due to various factors such as insufficient information, lack of requirements and many others.

Guidance should be provided accordingly

Applicants can apply for different types of visas in Canada and counselors must be familiar with all visas. Counselors must inform applicants of the visas they are eligible for.

Canada invites people through different types of programs such as Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program. Counselors should be familiar with all these programs and the streams within these programs.

Critical issues should be easily resolved

Applicants may get caught in various critical issues which may cause their application to get stuck. Counselors must deal with all critical issues to help candidates successfully submit their application.

The presentation of the application must be good

The application must be presented in good form as it has to go through various authorities that verify the information provided in the application. Counselors will help applicants obtain the requirements and complete the application correctly.

Updated knowledge of immigration rules

Immigration advisers must regularly familiarize themselves with immigration rules. This updated knowledge will not cause problems and delays in sending the application.

Y-Axis is a one-stop organization that provides solutions for all problems.

Y-Axis Chennai

Y-Axis opened its first branch in Chennai in 2003. The location of this office is at St. Nichols Road, Chetpet. The office has been operating for over 15 years and has been providing excellent immigration services to the citizens of Chennai.

These services have helped the company establish itself as an experienced consultant in the immigration and visa industry. Another branch of the company is located in Adyar. People can come to these offices for free consultation.

Services offered by Y-Axis

Individuals want to move abroad for work, study, visit or migration. Y-Axis provides guidance to applicants based on intent. Y-Axis never sells anything. You can contact him for advice.

The experts will listen and understand your wishes and advise you on moving to a country that is suitable for applicants.

Eligibility Assessment Report

Y-Axis will provide a suitability assessment report which will include the following:

  • Score Card
  • Country profile
  • Profession profile
  • List of documentation
  • Cost and time estimation

How does Y-Axis help customers?

Y-Axis begins its process by providing a detailed requirements checklist. The PR visa application process varies by country. In addition to the general requirements, some countries may also have specific requirements. Y-Axis will help individuals gather all the requirements to obtain a PR visa.

Countries to consider

Y-Axis considers the following countries for which it provides guidance:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • USA
  • United kingdom
  • Austria
  • Singapore
  • Quebec
  • Hong Kong

Types of services

Individuals move abroad for various reasons. The visa application varies from person to person. Here are the services Y-Axis provides to applicants:

  • Work abroad
  • Study abroad
  • Invest abroad
  • Visit abroad
  • Moving abroad

Types of visas

We offer instructions for the following types of visas:

  • PR visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Study visa
  • Business visa
  • Investor visa
  • Dependent visa

Training services

Knowledge of the language is a requirement, as it is included in the eligibility criteria in many countries. Applicants must pass one of the following exams to qualify.

  • GO
  • GMAT
  • SAT
  • PTE

Y-Axis provides coaching services for all these exams at nominal cost. Class times are flexible and will not disrupt clients’ routines.

Leading Y-Axis Services

Y-Axis offers a number of services listed below.

  • PR visas: Canada, Australia,
  • Moving to: Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, USA, Hong Kong, Austria, Quebec, Singapore, Denmark and Austria,
  • Study: Canada, Australia, France, UK, Germany, USA, Europe, Ireland, Denmark, Finland and Luxembourg
  • Work: Canada, Canada – PNP, FSTP, Australia, Skilled Migration to Australia, Graduate Work Visa Australia, TSS Tier 2 for UK, US H-1B, Hong Kong, QMAS, South Africa and Ireland.
  • Dependent Visas: Canada, Parental Migration to Canada, Australia, Parental Migration to Australia, UK, USA and Belgium.

Y-Axis Free consultation

If you are planning to visit abroad, you can book a free consultation with Y-Axis, the leading immigration consultant.

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