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CHENNAI: G Thangaraj was in Class X when he joined the science club at a government higher secondary school in Pulicat. Participating in clean-up campaigns and planting saplings as part of club activities changed him forever. He is now the district coordinator for Chennai for National Green Corpsprogram under Federal Ministry of the Environment.
It all started in 1995 when he joined the same Pulicat school as a high school teacher. It went beyond the curriculum and taught children about the environment, hygiene and health. In 1997, he was transferred to the Corporation College in Chennai. There, he set up a herb garden, organized events to end the use of plastic, plant trees and clean beaches.
“At first, I did these events only at the school I was assigned to. Slowly I thought that I could involve more schools. When eco clubs were formed, it became a collective initiative,” he said. Since 2010, Thangaraj has conducted thousands of events involving over 2.7 lakh students and volunteers. He organizes events at the corporate school every weekend.
NGC gets 5000 per event school. These funds are used for various outreach programs. He attracts scientists and experts from all fields to his lectures to teach and inspire children.
Thangaraj attributes his love for nature to his parents. His family lost more than 50 hectares of their agricultural land in Nakkathuravu village along with 2000 other farmers when they set up a space research and rocket launch center in Sriharikota.
“As a farmer’s son, I realize how important it is to protect the environment. It all starts with planting a tree. While people are talking about it, sharing messages, very few. If I can make at least a few children environmentally conscious citizens, that would be my victory, ” he said.

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