Chennai Corporation releases list of 39 property tax defaulters | News Bharat

The Greater Chennai Corporation on Friday released a list of 39 high-profile defaulters with properties in arrears exceeding ₹25 lakh. The companies collectively owe over ₹ 24 crore, with the largest amount coming from Martech Peripherals Pvt. Ltd, which owes Rs 3.36 crore.

According to the Chennai City Municipal Corporation Act, 1919, property tax has to be paid within a fortnight after the commencement of the half term. However, that date has been extended from October 15 to December 15, said Vishu Mahajan, Deputy Commissioner (Revenue and Finance). Defaulters are liable to pay an additional 2% interest on top of the existing payable amount under the Chennai City Municipal Corporation Act, 1919.

According to Mr. The Mahajana Corporation has an annual demand of Rs 1,400 crores, but a recent assessment of properties owned by individuals, commercial establishments and schools reveals that the civic body is expected to raise Rs 100 crores through revaluation of three crore buildings.

“The revaluation of the property happens when there are certain discrepancies in the case of additions or changes in the function of the property and we are not informed about it,” he said. This category includes buildings that were originally built as residential apartments and are now used as commercial establishments. According to the CCMC Act, 1919, if any building is constructed or renovated, the owner must notify the Commissioner within 15 days from the date of completion or occupancy of the building, whichever is earlier.

In October, the company purchased distometers that measure buildings for easy calculation of real estate tax, thereby replacing the existing manual method. Mr. Mahajan said that differential GPS devices have been procured which calculate latitude and longitude and area; however, in some cases the device will not work if the property is not open to the sky.

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