Chennai: Drunk man tries to molest, hugs woman on train, passengers beat him up; The video goes viral | News Bharat

Chennai, November 29: In a shocking incident, a man was beaten up by other passengers for harassing a woman on a suburban local train. The incident is said to have taken place on Monday night and the man was in a drunken state when he boarded the train. After controlling him, the passengers handed over the drunk to the police. Video: Two men molest, forcibly cut hair of transgender woman in Tamil Nadu, police launch probe.

According to a report published in India today, the man boarded a suburban train from Chennai Central Station at 6.30 pm on Monday. Soon the man started harassing the female passenger. Moments later, the drunken man tried to forcibly hug the woman. The other passengers were shocked by this and intervened to stop him. However, the situation escalated and that’s when some passengers lost their temper and started attacking him. The drunken man was reportedly kicked and slapped by the angry mob before he was subdued. Haryana Shocker: 32-year-old man arrested for stalking and sending obscene messages to over 200 women.

The man was later handed over to the police at the next train station. The drunk man was later identified as a North Indian. According to the police, the man was unable to speak properly as he was still under the influence of alcohol. Police added that the man was making inappropriate, pornographic gestures while being filmed by officers.

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