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Asparagus nigiri

After much-anticipated Asian destinations like Pandan Club and Pa Pa Ya, comes Chennai’s newest address for oriental comfort with the opening of the brand new Dim Sum & Sushi Bar, The Park Chennai. Expect bar stools as part of the ambiance in this particular part of the hotel’s Six ‘O’ One restaurant, which is open all day so you can pop in and out for a quick lunch on the go. We have to say that these also provide a much better starting point for a close eye on sushi mastery. For example, as we sit still, we spot a blade of kombu (seaweed) making its way into a pot of sticky rice “to add a little more flavor,” executive chef Ashutosh Nerlekar shares an insider secret.

Dragon poppies

Raise the tempura
We lean in, curious to pick up more nuggets of gold as part of this special tasting, as we’re served finely sliced ​​tuna carpaccio, with a tangy citrus dressing and some green chili to warm it up. Light, bright and fresh, this opener might be one of our favorites of the night. We’re told this could be paired with a glass of whiskey or sake on the side, but tonight we’re hydrating with good old H20 to focus our attention on just the flavors at hand. In a moment we move on to mamenori maki, prepared with subtle avocado and cream cheese for a touch of indulgence and later (there are also asparagus, pepper and mushroom versions for vegetarians). But it’s the crispy shake maki with salmon and crispy tempura that really drives us home. Enjoy with just a dash of wasabi and a generous dip in soy sauce on the side for a salty taste.

Chef Ashutosh says that a significant portion of the ingredient list is imported to really enhance the quality of each plate. Think chilled fresh salmon from Norway, tuna from Japan and even avocados that are the premium Hass variety from the USA.

Spicy muguro maki
Mixed vegetables with tofu

Dumpling diaries
In the meantime, seafood lovers might find this tidbit amusing. “We buy our shrimp separately with head and tail. This ensures even cooking, otherwise they curl up,” explains the chef while assembling the shrimp nigiri. By this point, we’re tired of sushi and want to move on to the dim sum menu (there are eight options on each menu), which includes classics like Edamame Truffle and Waterchestnut Chicken Siu Mai. We try both together with the three sauces they pair with – the spicy black beans, which we can’t recommend enough, the tasty sambal and the relatively more modest capesanta. Also not to be missed is the Mushroom and Water Chestnut Crystal Dumpling, which features “shiitake powder” in addition to the filling for more of that addictive umami.

Available for lunch and dinner. 675 INR upwards.

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