Chennai Zoo to get lions from Gujarat Zoo in exchange for white tigers | News Bharat

Lions in Gir.  (Molina Khimani)

Lions in Gir.

(Molina Khimani)

Chennai’s Arignar Zoo will soon receive two Asiatic lions from Gujarat’s Junagadh Zoo in exchange for two white tigers.

The arrival of two Asiatic lions will lead to lion breeding at Arignar Zoo, Vandalur, Chennai.

A female lion will also arrive at Arignar Zoo from Lucknow, taking the total number of lions at Chennai Zoo to 11.

Sources at Arignar Zoo told IANS that the arrival of new lions from different areas will lead to a fresh gene pool.

Tamil Nadu forest department officials told IANS that they have obtained permission from the Central Zoo Authority of India (CZAI) for the transfer of two Asiatic lions from Junagadh Zoo and the exchange of two white tigers from Arignar Zoo.

Sources at Arignar Zoo told IANS that the last lion cub born at the zoo was in 2016, but it was not a purebred Asiatic lion, and with the arrival of two new Asiatic lions, the chances of a purebred Asiatic lion being born are increasing. are on the higher side.


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