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CHENNAI: After the death of temple elephant Lakshmi v Puducherrythe Tamil Nadu Forest the department held an emergency meeting with HR and CE department officials and its own officials to check the welfare of temple elephants in Tamil Nadu. They will also start a mahout certification course to ensure the elephants are well looked after.
Of the country’s 124 captive elephants, 33 are in temples and 26 are privately owned, some of which may have been donated or illegally sold to temples. The remaining 65 are in the forest camps of the Anaimalai Tiger Reserve, Mudhumalai Tiger Reserve and MR Palayam rescue center.
For all these elephants, mahouts and kavadis from tribes that traditionally worked with elephants were appointed based on family and generational knowledge.
However, after Lakshmi’s death, allegedly due to lack of proper routine and diet, the Tamil Nadu forest department informed the HR department and CE about the Tamil Nadu captive elephant management rules. The rules specify the diet, routine and facilities that must be provided to elephants in captivity.
Registers must be maintained and the District Captive Elephant Management Committee must supervise and monitor the health of the elephants once every three months. They also recently issued an order to send 13 mahouts and kavadis to Thailand to learn scientific management of elephants.

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