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He arrived at the Dubai Center for Special Needs Winter Fair to meet his biggest fan

Published: Sunday, November 27, 2022, 08:49

Last update: Sunday, November 27, 2022, 10:21 p.m

Josie McIntyre, a child with special needs, has always been a big fan of a social media celebrity. Amazingly, he had even written her a letter.

So when Mohamed Beiraghdary, aka Mo Vlogs, arrived at the Dubai Center for Special Needs Winter Fair, Josie jumped into his arms.

“She couldn’t control her emotions. It was the biggest shock of her life,” said her mother Clare McIntyre.

The woman behind Josie’s biggest surprise was Rimsaa Karim. Working at the center, Rimsaa said that Josie is crazy about Mo and that her fan has always wanted to meet him and give him the letter. “I just wanted to make her happy,” Rimsaa said.

“He wanted to make his dream come true as he has loved her for so long and really loves Mo Vlogs as his idol,” added Rimsaa.

The Dubai Center for Special Needs has organized the Winter Fair at its campus where hundreds of children tried their hands at many special activities like painting, drawing, sports, donation, flea market, board games, themed games Christmas, bouncy castle, among others. . The fair also featured learning sessions, entertainment sessions and pet training sessions.

McIntyre said she has been writing and drawing this letter for him for almost a year and believes she will meet him one day.

“Josie is obsessed and only listens to his songs while we’re on the move and the same thing happened today while we were on our way to the fair. I had actually forgotten the letter when we parked. But she remembered it and got it from the parked car,” McIntyre said.

“We, including Josie, didn’t know Rimsaa had invited him. The moment she saw him, she couldn’t contain herself. This day will be very special to her and she will cherish it for the rest of her life,” McIntyre added.

Mo Vlogs came with his mother and sister Lana Rose and had a great time with the children of determination.


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