Dubai in the Metaverse: Explore the Framework without leaving home – News | News Bharat

MetaEssence has built a demo of the famous attraction’s digital twin, allowing visitors to experience 360-degree virtual views of the city.

Published: Thu, December 1, 2022, 3:28 p.m

Now you can explore the Dubai Frame and enjoy its stunning views without leaving your home!

For the UAE’s 51st National Day, Dubai-based MetaEssence has built a demo of the Dubai Frame’s digital twin.

Virtual avatars can see the different areas of the building and walk on the glass walkway at the top. It offers 360-degree virtual views of the old and new Dubai that the landmark is famous for.

“The digital twin in tourism is one of the applications that offers better decision-making services and at the door for people from all over the world to simulate their visits, build their own experiences and plan their vacations. Organizations can also continuously improve their services based on user feedback,” said Fatma Elsafty, founder and CEO of MetaEssence.

“Taking advantage of digital twin technology will enable planning in ways that were not possible before. There are many challenges for any organization in realizing the real opportunities and identifying the model for developing digital twin solutions” “fit for purpose” to be able to integrate them into your daily business operations in the biggest. secure way,” Elsafty added.


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