Dubai: Man robbed of Dh183,000 after being lured by fake Bitcoin deal – News | News Bharat

He was assaulted and the robbers also took three phones, documents and bank checks after threatening to kill him.

Photo: AFP file

Photo: AFP file

Published: Mon, 28 November 2022, 08:49

Two people have been jailed for robbing an investor and his friend after duping them with a fake Bitcoin deal.

The details of the case go back to last July, when an Asian investor reported that he had been robbed and assaulted inside his residence in the Mankhool area of ​​Dubai. He said that one of his friends (the second victim) suggested him to invest in digital currency and gave him a promoter number to buy Bitcoin.

The broker arrived at his home and asked to see the cash value of the digital currency the victim wanted to buy. After checking the money he left, he promised to return with the man who would sell him Bitcoin in 15 minutes.

He waited at his residence for them to arrive. Minutes later, the broker called him and said the seller was hesitant to complete the deal on the residence. He then heard a knock on the door and was assaulted by two men who immobilized him, stole the bag containing 183,000 dirhams, three phones, documents and bank cheques. They also threatened to kill the victim.

The Dubai Criminal Court convicted them, sentenced them to three years in prison, fined them the stolen money and ordered their deportation after serving their sentences.


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