Dubai: Man steals luxury cars by tricking owners; fined 350,000 dirhams, jailed – News | News Bharat

He was sentenced to six months in prison, fined and will be deported from the country after serving his sentence

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Published: Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 07:39

A criminal court has sentenced a 42-year-old man to six months in prison for luring luxury car owners and stealing vehicles.

According to the case documents, the incident dates back to last year when the accused managed to seize a luxury Mercedes S-63 worth Dh350,000 fraudulently.

The prosecution’s investigation revealed that the accused communicated with the victim through his number, which he found in an advertisement published by the owner of the car, putting it up for sale. The accused claimed that he owned a car rental office and wanted to buy the vehicle for his business. They agreed on a specific date to complete the sale and transfer ownership of the vehicle.

At the specified time, a person approached the victim claiming to be the brother of the “owner of the car rental office” (the defendants) and handed him a check made out in the name of the rental office equal to car value . The victim agreed to transfer the title to his name and gave the car to him in hopes of cashing the check. But later, the victim was surprised that there was insufficient balance in the account where the check was debited. He realized he had been the victim of fraud and informed the police.


When questioned, he denied the allegation against him. He said he had bought the vehicle from the victim, gave him a security check for Dh350,000 and informed him that as his account was closed the amount would be paid to him in cash after a week, but the owner of the car presented the statement. a complaint against him within two days of the execution of the sale. He later confessed to this crime, and admitted to committing fraud.

The defendant would seek out car salesmen, luring them with a reward fee, and then give them a check that would bounce in exchange for the transfer of ownership of the car to him or one of his assistants.

The court also fined him Dh350,000 and ordered him deported from the country.

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