Dubai: New road project, flyover to ease traffic on key expressway – News | News Bharat

It includes a four-lane flyover, in both directions, over Dubai – Al Ain Road and carriageways to link with the road.

Published: Sunday, November 27, 2022, 11:52 am

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed improvements to Al Manama Street. The upgrade is part of the Dubai-Al Ain Road Improvement Project which opened in May 2022.

The project entailed the construction of a new traffic corridor linking Al-Meydan and Al-Manama streets. It includes a four-lane flyover (each direction) crossing Dubai – Al Ain Road and carriageways to link with the road.

The capacity of Al Manama Street has been increased by transforming the first three intersections with Aden, Sanaa and Nad Al Hamar Streets into signposted surface intersections. It also involved increasing the number of traffic lanes to four in each direction up to the intersection with Nad Al Hamar Street, as well as changing several traffic lanes on Aden Street. These improvements increased the road’s capacity to 16,000 vehicles per hour in both directions, reduced delay rates and improved traffic flow at intersections.

The project works also involved upgrading the roundabout at the intersection of Al Manama Street with Nad Al Hamar Street to a signalised junction, designating a minimum of two lanes for left turns in all directions and a clear lane for right turns along with a minimum of three lanes to ensure the flow of traffic.


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