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The emirate has 2,790 searches on Google, while Abu Dhabi, the fourth most popular, has 130 searches for things to do during the season.

Photo: AFP file

Photo: AFP file

Published: Sunday, November 27, 2022, 11:02 am

Dubai has been ranked as the world’s top winter destination with the most Google searches for a city and the most things to do in a city during the colder climates.

“Dubai ranks as the world’s best destination for a winter sun holiday. Visitors to Dubai can expect to enjoy 8.82 hours of sunshine each day during the winter months, with average temperatures reaching a comfortable 20.5°C,” according to data released by travel provider ParkSleepFly.

“Dubai is by far the most popular winter sun destination among those studied, with more than 111 million Instagram tags and the most winter-related Google searches for things to do, reaching more of 55,000,” he said.

The study covers different aspects such as average winter temperature, average winter precipitation, average hours of sunshine, Instagram hashtags, winter searches in the city, things to do in the city and hotel costs.

Dubai made 2,790 Google searches, while Abu Dhabi, in the fourth most popular spot, made 130 Google searches for things to do during the winter.


UAE receives millions of tourists during winter from Europe, USA, Russia and Asian countries for the best good weather in the country. In addition, tourists flock to Dubai to celebrate Christmas and New Year, as the emirate has become a populous destination for both occasions for foreign visitors.

UAE tourism revenue exceeded 19 billion dirhams, while the total number of guests exceeded 12 million in the first half of this year.

In July, Dubai was ranked as the world’s most popular travel destination in the TikTok Travel Index 2022 published by Bounce, as the emirate emerged as the most viewed destination on the popular social media platform by far , with video views tagged “Dubai”. ‘ with a total of more than 81,800 million.

According to ParkSleepFly, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the only two cities in the Arabian Gulf region to be in the top 20 winter cities.

Bangkok was the second best winter city followed by Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Gran Canaria, Buenos Aires, Jaipur, Phoenix, Alicante, Praia, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, Los Angeles, Valencia, Lisbon, Orlando , Havana, San Diego and Honolulu.

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