Dubai will host the “Lady of the Universe” next March | News Bharat

The announcement came during a press conference held this week at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai, which witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between Emirates Holding Group Chairman Hanif Sheikh and Ahmed Bahgat , CEO of Al Shumoukh Group, with Miglina Savova. and Veronica Husseinli, founder of “Lady of the Universe”. Ltd.».

For his part, Hanif Sheikh has praised the deal, especially since Dubai is a mecca for international models and beauty queens, and beauty pageants have proven to be a source of inspiration for others, and the statement of the aesthetic values ​​that celebrate inner beauty and culture. , and don’t just stop at looks and looks.

For his part, Ahmed Bahgat said: “Everything that is being cooperated comes out of conviction and firmness and gives great results.”

For her part, Miglina Savova has confirmed that Dubai is the city she has always dreamed of being the start of her launch to host beauty contests and fashion and fashion shows, pointing out that the next contest will crown business women from success in the world


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