Four exotic animals found in passengers’ luggage at Chennai airport: The Tribune India | News Bharat


Chennai, November 29

Chennai airport customs team seized four animals of exotic species from the luggage of a male passenger.

Officials told ANI on Tuesday that “two small marmosets and two dark-leafed monkeys were found in the baggage of the arriving passenger.”

“The dark-leafed monkeys were found dead on arrival,” they said, adding that the dwarf marmosets were sent back to Bangkok.

The exotic animals were seized under the Customs Act, 1962 read with the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, they said.

The passenger came from Bangkok and further investigation into the case is underway, officials said.

At the beginning of August this year, customs officers intercepted a male passenger at the airport who was transporting rare species of animals.

The passenger arrived from Bangkok. Upon inspection, officials found one DeBrazza monkey, fifteen king snakes, five ball pythons and two aldabra tortoises in the checked baggage.

Checked baggage found 1 DeBrazza monkey, 15 king snakes, 5 ball pythons and 2 Aldabra tortoises. Since the live animals were imported illegally, they were deported back to the country of origin.

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