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Dubai is an excellent holiday destination for those who enjoy the desert, the sea, excellent city infrastructure or any combination of these. The Arabian desert attracts visitors from all over the world. Covering a vast area and occupying most of the Arabian Peninsula, the magical desert is a must-see if you’re considering a trip to Dubai. A desert safari is the most excellent way to see the beauty of Dubai as well as the traditional royal experience. Exciting Dubai desert safari is something you just need, yes. Because? Well, read on.

Along with a 6-hour journey through the stunning Arabian desert, this package offers several intriguing extras like belly dancing, Tanura dancing, camel rides, horse riding, quad biking, sand surfing and dune bashing. You can choose from a dune buggy safari, an extreme adventure safari, a night safari, a morning safari and more. According to their preferences and areas of interest, tourists can choose from these possibilities. Oasis Palm Tourism is a certified tour operator that offers first-class services to tourists interested in discovering the local culture.

After leaving the hustle and bustle of Dubai, desert safari experts will take you on an exciting four-wheel drive. You’ll feel exhilarated and your blood pressure will rise as you roll through the sand dunes and up and down the desert.

A rare sight that we do not see from a height in daily life is the magnificent sunset with its orange rays seen from the high dunes.

Fun-filled desert safari in Dubai and what Oasis Palm Tourism, Dubai offers is;

● Such an alluring morning: The best desert safari in the world is in Dubai. To see the desert sunrise, purchase your Sunrise Safari tickets. The untamed splendor of a desert sunrise amazes tourists. The vast dunes and desolate landscapes are breathtaking. The splendor of the desert is highlighted by the warm orange hues of the morning that flood the horizon. The best time to enjoy the dazzling rays of the sun is right before the day begins.

● Dune Bashing: Most visitors are particularly passionate about the dunes. The best way to experience the Arabian desert in all its natural beauty is on a Dubai desert safari that includes dune bashing. The excursion includes an exciting 30-minute jeep ride through considerable dunes at varying speeds. Even the most seasoned adventurers will be drawn to the heart-pounding activity of the dunes, which is a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Dubai.

● The nights are beautiful and worth remembering: there are also henna tattoos, sheesha use and entertainment events like belly dancing while having dinner also at the campsite. On this adventure, you’ll investigate the allure of desert culture by traversing the sands of the Arabian desert at night. Traditional Arab tents can be seen throughout the desert camp, which has a view of the starry sky. Night Desert Safari follows Night Desert Safari. Because you can watch the sun rise and set over the desert, it has the ideal amount of day and night. Relax around a campfire while enjoying a barbecue dinner and fire show.

● Quad biking: Quad biking and dune bashing are two of the most exciting activities in the Arabian desert. Driving a four-wheeled motorcycle through massive dunes, low plateaus and open valleys can give you an unreal view of the desert.

In Dubai, experienced tour guides accompany visitors on their desert tours to ensure they are aware of all safety regulations and precautions and have the necessary safety equipment.
The captivating golden hue of the Dubai desert safari allows for images to last a lifetime.

To put it briefly, a desert safari is one of the most adventurous and exciting tourist activities in Dubai. It takes your breath away when it comes to the long, sweeping dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see. The safari is unlike any other hill station or seaside holiday as it is full of excitement and close encounters with the wilderness. When the desert is not too hot, even during the day between November and March, it is the perfect time to go on a desert safari.

The desert is most impressive when the sun goes down. Camp activities are also taking shape. In a comfortable environment, the belly dancers fascinate you with the mastery of their art. On the other hand, you will fall in love with the fantastic fire show performers. On your hands, henna artisans will create a magnificent Arabic pattern. Tanura dancers’ mesmerizing turns bring the stage to life. The desert undergoes a substantial change at night. It’s covered in silver glitter alternating with gold glitter all over. The glow of the moonlight creates charm. There is an endless variety of beautiful delights to choose from outside. So when are you planning to have your next cup of coffee?

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