Garnier opens plastic waste collection center in Chennai | News Bharat

WHAT? Garnier, which is owned by L’Oréal, has partnered with Plastics for Change to open a plastic waste collection facility in Chennai, India, according to a report published by The Print.

DETAILS The center hopes to collect around 2,000 tonnes of plastic that would otherwise litter our oceans and strengthen the lives of around 2,000 people from local communities. The collected packaging will be used to produce 100% recycled plastic bottles for the Ultra Doux brand line.

Plastic collection kiosks will be set up at 20 locations in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi to encourage consumers to dispose of waste responsibly.

WHY? Adrien Koskas, Global Brand President – ​​Garnier, explains: “As one of the world’s leading mass beauty brands, Garnier has a unique opportunity to help create a positive impact on the planet by leading the way to sustainable beauty that is accessible to all. With Garnier Green Beauty, we want to change the way the beauty industry works and create beauty that is good for you and the planet. We are committed to working with organizations like Plastics for Change to impact the planet in a more positive way. I am so excited to unveil our next big milestone in collaboration with Plastics for Change – a dedicated collection center here in Chennai. We hope that with this new center we will achieve a greater impact, not only in the environment, but also in the local community.”

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