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CHENNAI: Cheery Jingle Bells greeted everyone at the picturesque restaurant Svah by SYNCK in Besant Nagar. The night lights, the waves on the beach and the shouts of the crowd supported the spirit of celebration. The night when everyone gathers to celebrate the upcoming holidays by baking a cake, a symbol of love and joy during the Christmas season, was the original idea of ​​the restaurant.

Saturday’s cake mix at Svah stayed true to its vision and proved to be a fun experience for all who attended. Babita Jayaram, Chief Operating Officer for SYNCK said, “We are doing this ceremony because it is traditional and also to prepare for the Christmas season. This is the second edition. This year, people are coming back full of energy after being at home and away from social gatherings for a long time due to the pandemic.”

Cashews, raisins, pistachios, almonds and other dried fruits were arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree and were ready to be mixed with the other ingredients. The chefs and special guests of the restaurant gathered at the table with a mixture of different types of alcohol. Cheering and encouraging each other to blend in with the Christmas tradition, they all began mixing alcohol into a mixture of nuts, dried fruit and spices.

Chefs Rajathi and Raghu explained the Indian spices used in the mix which included cinnamon powder, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder and cloves. They added: “We will store this soaked mixture for 20-30 days and then mix it with the dough to make seasonal cakes. The specialty of our cakes is that we are completely vegetarian and do not use eggs as an ingredient.”

Actor Roma Asrani, a special guest of the evening, said: “I’ve never done anything like this before, so it was a unique experience for me. Without even tasting anything, we were drunk with just the smell. Given the dedication of the chefs, I am sure that Svah will make the best Christmas cakes for Chennai. The event is also an opportunity to interact and meet people. Here I meet people from all walks of life.” After dancing and singing carols, the guests continued sharing Christmas memories.

Through its ‘Smart Veg’ theme, Svah offers a cuisine that attempts to solve the myriad of culinary, aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic issues of the 21st century with thoughtful and delicious products. “We also have our own cake brand in India called Bake. We are ready for people to come and enjoy during the season. We can offer them excellent food that is pure vegetarian.

We are one of the few places in Chennai that serves vegetarian food along with alcohol. This season we are offering special musical lunches, a Christmas menu, New Year’s Eve candlelight dinners and more,” said Babita. The cake is already available for pre-order and comes in 250g and 500g versions.

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