Hazaribag youth in Dubai jail due to expired visa, family appeals to government for help | News Bharat


Hazaribag, December 1: Binod Kumar Mahto, 25, a resident of Madmo village in Vishnugarh block, has been arrested and lodged in Dubai jail for not having a visa.

According to information, his visa expired a month ago. His family has now requested the state government to intervene in the matter saying that he is the sole breadwinner of the family and they do not have adequate means to get him out of the jail in another country.

Binod’s wife Veena Devi said he went to Dubai about three years ago to work in a construction company. He said his visa expired in February for which he was arrested a month ago. “I last spoke to him on November 1 when he was returning to his room after finishing work,” she said.

According to the family, Binod was the sole breadwinner of the family taking care of his elderly parents as well as his wife and three-year-old son, Anuj Kumar. “It is difficult for me to get him released from another country,” added Veena, who appealed to the state government to take a step to free her husband.

Local social worker Sikandar Ali said that a large number of migrant workers face problems due to lack of knowledge and get trapped in these difficulties in other countries. The government should take steps in this regard.

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