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In the past, Dubai Municipality has shared these basic open beach instructions for visitors:

1. Please do not swim after sunset.
2. Please do not swim when the red flag is up.
3. Swim with caution when there is a yellow flag and follow the instructions of the lifeguards.
4. Please do not swim near the rocks or outside the safe area.
5. Children are the responsibility of accompanying adults.
6. Keep the beach clean and do not leave litter.
7. Pets are not allowed on the beach.

Three safety flags to keep in mind at the beach

As mentioned above, Dubai Municipality can raise warning flags on Dubai beaches to warn beachgoers when it is not safe to swim and when to swim with certain precautions in mind. These can be any of the following three flags:

Red: high danger, do not swim

When the red flag is flying, it means that you cannot swim as it is dangerous for the swimmer.

Yellow: moderate risk, swim with caution

You can swim with caution and take necessary precautions.

Lilac: Potentially harmful marine life.

This means that the municipality has observed signs of dangerous marine life in the water.

Dubai beaches

Jumeirah Beach

Many of Dubai’s beaches can be found while driving along the Jumeirah Beach Road (D94).

Here are the top beaches in Dubai that are dedicated to swimming. They have been developed to offer visitors different comforts and are also monitored by lifeguards from dawn to dusk:

1. Jumeirah Beach 1

Jumeirah Beach 1 is one of the quieter beaches and a destination mainly for residents of the area, according to Dubai Municipality. This beach is entirely intended for bathing and includes a jogging track that extends for 1,350 meters.

Location: As you drive along the Jumeirah Beach Road (D94) towards Abu Dhabi, you will find this beach on your right after crossing the Dubai Canal.

2. Jumeirah Beach 2

Jumeirah Beach 2 stretches for 648 meters and is designed entirely for swimming. This beach offers fitness areas with gym equipment, a jogging track and a boardwalk.

Other facilities include beach lounges, a children’s play area, a beach access corridor for people with determination and the elderly and a beach library.

Location: Also called Jumeirah Open Beach, you will find this stretch of beach when you drive along Jumeirah Beach Road (D94) after the Mercato Mall and before the Dubai Canal Bridge.

3. Jumeirah Beach 3

This beach stretches for 1,980 meters and offers sports facilities such as a kitesurfing area, a jogging track, a promenade and fitness areas with a gym. It also has beach rooms, children’s play areas, beach access corridors for the Disabled and the elderly and a beach library.

This beach has a ‘platform of happiness’, an area 125 meters long with seats, which allows you to enjoy the sunset or recreational fishing.

Location: This is the third strip of beach you’ll come across when driving along Jumeirah Beach Road (D94), just after Jumeirah Beach 1.

4. Umm Suqeim Beach 1

The only beach with a dedicated night swimming area and with views of the Burj Al Arab, this stretch of beach is one of the most popular in Dubai. It stretches for a length of 2.4 km and offers various sports facilities such as a kitesurfing area, jogging track and a sea promenade. It also has other facilities such as beach rooms for the public, children’s play areas and beach access corridors for Certain Persons and the elderly.

Motorized water sports such as jet skis and banana boats are available in separate areas from the swimming areas.

Location: This beach is also located along the Jumeirah Beach Road (D94) and is also known as Kite Beach (which is part of the longest stretch of beach). Simply turn right onto 11A Street to navigate the internal community roads to reach the beach.

5. Umm Suqeim Beach 2

This beach stretches for 615 meters, with separate areas for swimming and surfing.

You will also be able to run on a dedicated track and the beach offers lounges for the public and a beach access corridor for Certain People and the elderly. It also has Umm Suqeim Park nearby.

Location: About a kilometer before Burj Al Arab, turn right onto 41A Street to navigate the community’s internal roads to the beach.

6. Corniche Al Mamzar beach

STOCK Mamzar Beach in Dubai

The Al Mamzar area of ​​Dubai also has two stretches of beach, either side of Al Mamzar Park.

With an extension of 760 meters, the strip of beach in this part of Dubai is dedicated to swimmers who want to spend some quiet time away from water sports. The beach has other facilities such as children’s play areas and beach access corridors for the Disabled and the elderly, along with a beach library containing books for all ages.

Location: You can access the beach strip when driving along Al Khaleej Street (D92). This strip of beach falls before Al Mamzar Beach Park on this route.

7. Al Mamzar Lagoon Beach

With an extension of 3.5 kilometers, this beach is entirely intended for bathing away from water sports. It also offers fitness areas with gym equipment, a walking and running track and a cycle track.

Trained and licensed beach lifeguards are present from sunrise to sunset at dedicated locations and also patrol the length of the beach to ensure the safety of swimmers and beachgoers.

Location: When driving along Al Khaleej Street (D92), you will need to pass Al Mamzar Corniche Beach and then Al Mamzar Park. The lagoon beach will be on your left.

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