How Sindhu Jennifer realized her dream of becoming a beauty therapist Adani Skill Development Centre | News Bharat

It takes courage to dream, and even more courage to make that dream come true. Sindhu Rajeev had a dream of becoming a beautician since childhood. But circumstances always got in the way and she was forced to give up her wish. Despite the difficulties, she completes her graduation. She was then married to Uchakada resident Rajeev, a contractual employee of KSEB and had two daughters with him. His income was small and barely covered the family’s needs. Unfortunately, Sindhu had to put her dreams on the back burner once again.

She fell into despair as she could not fulfill her wish due to the poor condition of her family. But luck smiled on her when she learned about the Adani Skill Development Center (ASDC) in Vizhinjam and the courses it offered. Her joy knew no bounds because the courses were free. She visited the center and went through the curriculum and quickly enrolled in beauty therapist training. She was very active and regular during the course and attended both online and offline classes. She couldn’t believe that she was so close to realizing her dream that was so close to her heart as she completed the course within the allotted time.

“Sindhu was very keen to become a beautician. A diligent student, she is an example of a confident person who pursues her dream until it becomes a reality. She has a helping nature and has given her classmates a chance to work in her salon,” says Ms Minnie Jose, Beauty Therapist Trainer at ASDC, Vizhinjam.

Sindhu was teary-eyed but held her head high with pride on the day she opened her very own Golden Beauty Parlor at Kottukalkonum in Trivandrum. She is a role model for others who look up to her as their mentor. Today, she is a successful entrepreneur and helps struggling women get back on their feet by giving them the opportunity to work in her salon.

When she realized that Jennifer A. harbored a dream to one day become a beauty therapist like her, but was unable to fulfill it due to a lack of help and opportunities, she offered her help. Jennifer couldn’t believe her luck.

The daughter of a fisherman, she always struggled to finance her education, from school to vocational training that could land her a job. It was at this point that she learned about ASDC. Like Sindhu, she joined his beauty therapist course and completed it on time.
Sindhu came into her life as a guardian angel and offered her a job at her salon. Today, Jennifer earns Rs 6,000 per month and couldn’t be happier.

“Jennifer was a strong and hardworking student who always tried to clear her doubts in class. A regular and active trainee with good analytical capacity, she landed a job after her first interview,” says Ms. Kavitha TR, Language and Soft Skills Trainer, ASDC, Vizhinjam.

ASDC, part of the Adani Foundation, offers various courses that prepare the youth for the job market. The beauty therapist course is one of them. Some 181 women have taken this course from ASDC from 2018 to 2022. Of these, 52 run their own businesses – four own salons and 48 provide services from home – and 77 work in salons run by others.

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