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Images of the drifting beach club and the Dubai skyline

A trip to beat all trips (Image: Édaein O’ Connell)

There are a lot of thoughts that go through your head when you’re hanging off the side of a building.

“I had a lot of life to live.”

“I wish I had told my ex-coworker of three years ago what I really thought of them.”

“I love my dog ​​more than myself.”

“Oh my god, I think I left the curling iron on and the hotel is going to burn down and it’s going to be my fault.”

That last thought was what crossed my mind when my feet were halfway to the edge of the Sky Walk in Dubai, one of the city’s top tourist attractions that involves walking along the edge of a very high.

Now, there was no danger to my life. He was hanging from the building while tightly secured in a harness. I was safe and, against all odds, I didn’t leave the curler on.

The Sky Walk is an experience. As you prepare to walk around the edge of the building, you gain a false sense of confidence.

From behind a glass door, it doesn’t look so threatening, but once you step into the warm, stormy air, scenes from your life begin to come together and edit into a very sad montage.

If it wasn’t for the brave woman in front of me, I think I would have cowered in fear throughout the whole experience. His bravery not only pushed me over the edge, it turned me around.

Was it stimulating? completely

fun? I can’t say it was fun.

Édaein hanging on the side of the building

The Skywalk Experience (Image: Édaein O’ Connell)

Fortunately, it was the only extreme activity I had to partake in while in Dubai. The most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, the destination has become a hot spot for tourists.

With beach clubs galore, luxury shopping and guaranteed warm weather, people travel in droves to enjoy a bit of the good life.

I was in the Middle Eastern city to sample everything it has to offer for a girls’ holiday and I was not disappointed. Ibiza and Marbella may be the obvious first choices for a girls’ getaway, but Dubai is always unique as it offers a city and beach experience on the doorstep.

My home for the visit was the 25hours Hotel One Central located near the Dubai International Financial Centre. The city’s hotels are known for being temples of luxury: they smell good but have a strange affinity for marble and the color white.

Instead, 25hours is full of undeniable character. From the moment you walk through the door you are greeted by the signature smell of the hotel, and your eyes are drawn to the large sitting area that doubles as a mountain of books in the center of the lobby.

The hotel lobby 25h

The lobby of the 25Hours Hotel (Image: Édaein O’ Connell)

The rooms are beautifully decorated in rustic tones with eclectic dessert touches in every corner.

There are a total of five bars and restaurants in the hotel and each offers guests a different cuisine and experience.

The Monkey Bar is located on the 6th floor and has stunning views over the Museum of the Future and Zabeel Park. The terrace is the ideal spot for sunset and has a nightly DJ line-up if it’s the party you’re after. Their margarita is a must when there.

Meanwhile, for Indian fans, Tandoori Tina Restaurant will satisfy your culinary needs.

Think high-quality ingredients, bold flavors and classic dishes like butter chicken and biryani.

One of the most impressive elements of Dubai is its skyline. Futuristic in nature, it is a sight to behold and explore, and the Hero Odysea cruise experience is an excellent way to do both.

The Hero Odysea experience

The Hero Odysea experience (Image: Édaein O’ Connell)

Disclaimer: I can’t swim, and while you get a life jacket and the boat itself is sturdy, it might be a good idea to pick a buddy who can drive.

The boats let you captain your own ship and can go up to speeds of 50 km/h. My driver was a qualified sailor, so all I could do was relax and enjoy the sights of an ever-expanding and changing city.

After the boat trip, there was no better time to enjoy one of Dubai’s many and varied beach clubs.

Drift Beach Club

Drift Beach Club (Image: Édaein O’ Connell)

Whether you want to relax or enjoy a party atmosphere, you have a choice. Zero Gravity may be for ravers, but Drift Beach Club is a piece of coastal paradise for those who crave luxurious tranquility.

The private beach club has a stunning infinity pool that overlooks a kilometer of beachfront. Having the horizon surrounded makes the experience more special.

Meanwhile, no girls’ trip to Dubai would be worth the Prosecco without a trip to one of the city’s famous brunches. Cé La Vi is located on the 54th floor of the Address Sky View Hotel and is right in front of the Burj Khalifa.

Brunch caters for all ages with a high quality food and drink menu. Meanwhile, a DJ entertains and a man with a set of bongos joins the revelers to add to the growing party atmosphere.

The swing at Ce La Vie

The swing at Cé La Vie (Image: Édaein O’ Connell)

I can attest to the fact that there is nothing more exciting than drumming in the middle of a room full of people without an ounce of talent; you won’t forget that buzz.

To top off the girls’ vacation, a trip to the desert was in order to relax and unwind. There are many options to choose from, whether on a solo or group trip, but for all the trimmings and an unforgettable experience, choose Sonora Camp.

Part of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, it is home to oryx and gazelles. With the sun setting over the vast sand dunes, it simply takes your breath away.

The sunset in Sonora Camp

Sunset at Camp Sonora (Image: Édaein O’ Connell)

After relaxing a bit, it was the perfect time to sit on the edge of my seat as a trio of performers put out fire from their mouths. To calm the nerves, a shared three-course meal with Middle Eastern influences followed.

Menu highlights included the grilled marinated chicken with kefi and peri-peri spices and the seven-hour slow-cooked lamb with Yemeni spices.

Then it was time to leave and I left the city refreshed and excited to tell all the women in my life what awaited me.

As I sat on the plane, I kept thinking about those moments before I decided to turn around on the side of a skyscraper.

Yes, I was freaking out about mansions and hotels and thinking about former co-workers, but mostly I was thinking about what city this was and what a girls’ trip I’d never forget.

Flights and activity prices

Emirates flies from seven UK airports, including London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Newcastle Upon Tyne. Return economy class flights cost from £559 per person.

25h Hotel – The Dubai One Central hotel opened 25 hours in December 2021 and rooms cost from £170 per night.

Hero Odyssey Signature Tour it costs £169 for two people on a 60-minute signature tour.

Drift Beach Club – Drift Sunbeds are £49 per person Monday to Thursday and £61 per person Friday to Sunday and include water and access to a locker.

Ce La Vi Dubai Brunch on 54 every Saturday from 12pm to 4pm. It costs £120 per person, including all house drinks for the duration

Sunset and dinner at Sonara camp – Costs £211 per person during high season (October-April) and includes dinner, activities, refreshments and camel ride.

Sky Views Observatory – Sky Views Dubai including observatory entry, slide and edge walk costs £122 per person.

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