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Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], December 2 (ANI/PNN): Over 300 lucky students from 20,000 applicants had a fantastic experience learning about Web3.0 and learning about future opportunities at the recently concluded IBC – 2022-23 Continuum on Web3.0 At Tech Mahindra campus in Hyderabad. The training sessions are open source and live simulcast on the internet so students outside of Hyderabad can benefit from them as well. IBC brings together top tutors who lead students on a 9-day Web3.0 journey with sessions on Smart Contracts, Para Chain, Polkadot Architecture, Substrate, RUST, Building for Velocity, and more. Sessions will be moderated by experts Web3.0 like Shivam from Moralis; Dr. Radhakrishna Dasari from Web3.0 Foundation; Selvaraj from Goharness, IBC Media COO Tejas Vijay and Varun Gyanchandani from Wow Labz, Hitesh Sharma from Zeeve, Aayusha from DLT Lab, Chandra Shekar (Associate Professor), Trilochana Chary and Abhil Nair (Co-Founder, CEO, Smart Matrix Technologies) from BVRIT School of Engineering for Women. The students were divided into groups of 3, totaling 100 people. At the closing ceremony on T-Hub on November 29th, the top 3 teams with the best ideas were selected and awarded certificates for their innovation and creativity.

IBC’s education and certification program is a 5-year agenda focused on onboarding students from 1000 engineering colleges in India to create a top pool of industry-ready Web3.0 developers who are proficient in Web 3, Blockchain and emerging technologies. What is novel about the IBC education and certification program is its holistic approach – students will go through a full-cycle program including orientation, training, ideation, brainstorming and velocity building until final student selection. IBC Media understands that there is a huge skills gap in the industry and that there is an urgent need to fill this gap. As such, it proposes to bring together industry experts, professional colleges, and HR professionals on the same page to discuss how to upskill students on Web 3.0 and blockchain. It also understands that India’s IT workforce can be further strengthened in the future by upskilling students in emerging technologies that will find their way into almost all areas of our lives.

As part of the upskilling process, students will have the opportunity to be hired by global blockchain recruiters and become part of the growing global blockchain community. The IBC education and certification program has a robust and well-established training program, learning material library, custom courses directly from international companies working on Web3.0 technologies. During the media interaction, Daniel Prabhakar, Dean (Training and Placement), KG Reddy College, spoke about how IBC Media, Telangana Academy of Skills and Knowledge (TASK) and industry giants are joining forces to upskill engineering students through such hackathons, where they will Gain hands-on training on new technologies and have the opportunity to meet industry experts, which will prepare them for entry into the industry as planned.

This training program by IBC Media is an excellent opportunity for students to gain free education and certification; gain project experience under the guidance of top-tier mentors, and gain hands-on experience with Web3.0 technologies to become industry-ready professionals. Another renowned academician, Dr. Vishnumurthy, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Anurag University, congratulated IBC Media and TASK for providing this excellent platform where students can comprehensively learn emerging technologies such as blockchain and Web3.0, while Compete on skills – a-thon by putting their learning into practice. Dr Vishnumurthy said about 900 students from Anurag University took part in the programme, which he believed would help students plan their careers in the tech industry.

In a message to IBC Media, Dr A Ramakrishna, Director of Universiti Kuala Lumpur Hyderabad Campus, said he thanked IBC Media for organizing the Hackfest as such hackathons help bridge the gap between industry and academia. He believes that bringing together enterprises, students and academicians will create a mutually beneficial and win-win ecosystem. During the media interaction, C Selavaraj, trainer and mentor at IBC Hackfest, shared his thoughts on this fantastic initiative. The future, he said, is all based on Web 3.0 and blockchain, and their integration will appear in finance, insurance, public domain and social applications, and government-based applications. However, India lacks a skilled workforce that can join the bandwagon, and hackathons like IBC Hackfest are a great platform for students to sharpen their skills and once they are proficient in this emerging technology, they will sell well in the industry!

Speaking to the media, Jayesh Ranjan, Chief Secretary for IT and Industry, Telangana, said, “I am excited to be part of this year’s IBC’s Hackfest, which focuses on 20,000 students using the Web to develop new solutions, ideas and new solutions. Proposal 3.0 and blockchain.” He also spoke about how the Telangana state government is keen to support the initiative. Shri Ranjan said that the government of Telangana understands that it is an important responsibility for them to provide a lot of talent and manpower that will work in companies and start-ups in the future and create new technologies using blockchain and Web3.0 solution, they are quite keen to do so. In his concluding speech, Abhishek Pitti, Founder and CEO, IBC Media said, “We are creating a new program that will go from Telangana to the world to develop talent for Web 3.0, a skill-a- A new format for hackathon. A marathon to educate one million developers globally.” He further added that the hackathon that IBC is currently running successfully in 700 schools in Telangana has about 20,000 registered students in a hybrid online-offline format. The nine-day training program has strong support from educational institutions, industry and state government leaders. Pitti also mentioned that the IBC has had great success in organizing these hackathons with great support from Tech Mahindra, Polkadot, and Dukes Confectioners.

IBC’s Alt Hack will be held in two more Indian cities – Vizag and Bangalore – in the next few weeks. IBC envisions similar enthusiasm and high participation as Hyderabad Alt Hack in the following hackfest and creates a developer pool for the Indian Web3.0 ecosystem. About IBC: IBC 2022-23 CONTINNUM is organized by IBC Media. With a pioneering tradition of managing partnerships and building grassroots efforts in the Indian blockchain market, IBC’s inaugural event – IBC 2018 – was a huge success, bringing together top government attendees, speakers and sponsors.

IBC 2022-23 CONTINUUM is the second edition of the conference and includes programs covering the full spectrum from workshops to hackathons, startup pitch competitions, and industry and government-led conferences. IBC 2022-23 brings together the best in blockchain technology. A go-to platform to engage, network, interact, learn and showcase in an ecosystem of key stakeholders in the space (Thought Leaders, Technology Startups, Developers, Regulators, Indian and State Governments, Investors and VCs) . This story was provided by PNN. ANI will not be responsible in any way for the content of this article. (ANI/PNN)

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