In Chennai, students block a government bus and shout slogans praising their gang | News Bharat

In Chennai, the menace of disorderly students on bus and train is still there. In the latest incident, students were seen obstructing a bus and holding up signs praising their college while being photographed and filmed.

Students from Nandanam, Presidency and Pachaiyappa have made headlines for their risky, illegal and notorious behavior on public transport. They participate in these campaigns to prove their superiority. This practice has plagued city dwellers who use public transport to get to work for decades.

Many cases of students of the above-mentioned colleges brandishing weapons while riding buses and trains and even attacking students of rival colleges have been caught on camera.

In the latest incident, several students, allegedly from Nandanam College of Arts, were caught on camera blocking a bus in front of SIET Girls College while chanting praises for their gang and the school. The event was also recorded on camera.

They were caught on camera by other students waiting for the bus, and the video went viral. Concerned citizens posted the video on social media and tagged the Greater Chennai Police, who promised to take action against those responsible for the incident.

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