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CHENNAI: The life of 30-year-old Lakshmi (name changed), an HIV-infected widow from Kadambathur in Tiruvallur district as she had no job to meet even her daily needs.
But she sees a glimmer of hope as the Tiruvallur district administration has set up a nursery to help ten others like her. They cleared three orders on the first day. To help HIV-infected persons like her, the Tiruvallur district administration launched various livelihood schemes on Thursday’s World AIDS Day.
More than 50 people from different blocks in the district were given various livelihood options, from plant nursery to fur and sewing machines. This is expected to make them confident and earn a stable monthly income.
There are 14 blocks in Tiruvallur and more than 2,000 people, including men and women, are being treated for HIV in the district. The district headship is together with Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihood Mission and some companies have introduced some survival schemes in different blocks.
“We have started a Phoenix nursery in Kadambathur block, which has seedlings of medicinal and other plants, including those that bear flowers, vegetables and fruits. It was built on an area of ​​2,000 square meters. Initially, this will be managed by 10 people, but depending on the success, it can be rolled out to other areas,” he said. Alby John VargheseDistrict Collector, Tiruvallur.
The district administration will also help with marketing. “We have already spoken with the faculties. Many will buy saplings to give away at weddings and other events,” he said KS GowrishankarART Health worker.

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