LPG cylinder price update: No price change! Check latest prices in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai | News Bharat

LPG cylinder price update: The State Oil Marketing Corporations have not revised the prices of commercial and domestic cooking gas. The prices of both commercial and domestic LPG cylinders are revised on the first day of every month.

Commercial LPG prices were last changed in the month of November. OMCs have reduced the commercial price of cooking gas by Rs 115.50. This was the seventh reduction in the price of commercial LPG since June. So far, prices have come down by Rs 610 per 19-kg cylinder.

As per the latest revised prices, a commercial LPG cylinder would cost Rs 1,744 in Delhi.

In Mumbai, a 19 kg tank will cost Rs 1,696, while in Kolkata it will cost Rs 1,846. In Chennai, those using a 19 kg tank will have to pay Rs 1,893.

The last change in the domestic price of LPG cylinders was made by the OMC in May. In Delhi, home cooking tank is available at Rs 1003 per unit. In Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, the prices are Rs 1,029, Rs 1,002.50 and Rs 1,018.50 respectively.

LPG cylinder rates vary from country to country based on local VAT. Domestic and commercial are the categories in which LPG cylinders are sold. Domestic cylinders are meant for household use, while commercial cylinders are used for commercial purposes, such as those used for hotels, restaurants, industrial purposes, and more.

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