Luck ran out for ‘dhil’ Shanti, Held | Chennai News | News Bharat

Chennai: A woman was arrested in Tiruvallur on Friday for posing as a relative of the bride and groom at weddings and absconding with valuables.
‘Dhil’ Shanthiwho was known for daringly sneaking into wedding halls, was nabbed following four complaints received from different people.
Last month, Shanthi entered the wedding hall where one Sathyamurthy of Ekathur village was conducting his son’s wedding. She came dressed in an expensive silk saree and spoke to all her relatives. She managed to sleep in the groom’s room. Police said she escaped with 15 sovereigns of gold jewelery while the groom’s relatives were sleeping.
She targeted the valuables and gold for the second marriage of one Balasubramanian Manavalan Nagar. Here she escaped with ten sovereigns of gold jewelry.
Similarly, she crashed two other weddings in the same place.
Based on the complaints against her, the police investigated CCTV camera footage from the wedding venue and identified the woman as Shanthi.
Shanthi was lodged in jail after he was arrested in a case of theft from a textile parlor in T Nagar and came out recently. The police said that she will enter the wedding halls wearing silk sarees and will only speak to people from the bride’s side. She would randomly quote names of relatives and talk to them and help them with marriage ceremonies to gain their trust.
She would then easily gain access to the keys to the lockers and make off with the gold and cash. Police said they suspect she was targeted at more than ten weddings in the recent past.
Shanthi was sent to Puzhal Jail.

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