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European clubs are probably not used to a mid-season break, but I think this could help some teams.

I remember I had a long and mid-season training camp when I returned to Brazil with Gremio. It was during the Confederations Cup in 2013. We didn’t go anywhere but I found it very beneficial.

I just came back from an ACL injury and only played a few games. It was a good time to do something like a little “pre-season” before the restart of the league.

And besides, getting away from the cold of England at the start of winter is always nice! Warm weather can also help condition players.

Of course, it will not be easy to work tactically given that some players will not return from the World Cup. But it is a good time to prepare those players not involved, getting minutes in the legs with the scheduled games.

It is a new situation for the clubs. I think the rest can play a very important role in the coming season for the team that makes the most of it.

Let’s hope it’s Liverpool, who have the big task of Manchester City in the Carabao Cup on December 22 in their first leg back.

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Enda: How are you finding your retirement from the game?

Life is completely different now, Enda, but I’m fine. I am still involved in football, running an agency company in Brazil. I’m trying to help, especially the younger players, with the experience I had during my career. It’s great when I get the chance to be a part of LFC Legends games through the LFC Foundation and remember what it’s like to feel like a footballer again.

Nick: Looking back, would you do anything differently during your Liverpool career?

Hi Nick. Thank you for your question. I do not think so. I wish I had the same knowledge of myself then as I do now. But part of this knowledge was acquired by living in those times. I feel I did everything I could to be the best of myself during my Liverpool career. I think the desire of every human being is to return to a younger age with the experiences you have at an older age.

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Aurelio was speaking to’s Glenn Price

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