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Now Realme GT 2 users will get Android 13-based Realme UI 3.0; Fixed some bugs

Realme, as we already know, is a big Chinese brand. We have good news for users of that brand, especially Realme GT 2 customers. Your well-deserved wait for Android 13 is now over! Yes, Realme GT 2 users will now get Android 13-based Realme UI 3.0.

We have seen an image from internet sources, that Realme UI 3. o based on Android 13 is getting for Realme GT 2 devices; Look at the picture

Ralme Android 13 Update

According to internet sources, an announcement was made on the Realme Community Forum recently. It says that Android 13 update for Realme GT 2 Pro has started rolling out to users in various locations. Along with some improvements from Realme, the update (firmware version RMX2156 11.C.08) includes most of the functionality offered by Google with Android 13.

In this A

  • A new privacy feature that can automatically pixelate chat screenshots to display profile pictures and names,
  • A new Aquamorphic design shared with Realme’s software skins OxygenOS and ColorOS,
  • Home screen improvements and optimizations and more.

Let’s know more about the update.

To ensure the stability of this upgrade, Realme released it slowly. The update will be pushed randomly to a total of 15% of customers before becoming more widely available in late November. The company said on its website that “if no serious bugs are found, the full roll-out will be completed in the coming days.”

Want to know what the company has fixed in this update? Let’s look at the specific problem.

If your phone has a lot of third-party applications installed, it may take longer to boot after the upgrade.

After the upgrade, the system will perform several functions, such as

  • application conversion,
  • background optimization,
  • and security scanning, to enhance system operating efficiency and eliminate potential security threats.

As a result, the system will use more CPU, memory, and other resources, which may cause short hangs or increased power consumption. After the phone is fully charged, Realme recommends either leaving it for 5 hours or using it regularly for 3 days before returning to normal use.

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