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Chennai: As the online gambling ordinance lapsed on Sunday, the Tamil Nadu government has decided to wait for Governor RN Ravi to give his assent to a bill to replace it passed by the state assembly.
Many political parties, however, criticized the governor for delaying the approval as the state continues to report suicides due to the loss of money in online gambling. Dravidar Kazhagam leader K Veeramani announced agitation near Raj Bhavan on December 1.
The government is monitoring developments and plans to send regular reminders to the Raj Bhavan for early consent. “We are waiting for his approval. There is no point in sending another ordinance now as he has shown no willingness to approve the bill. If he sends it back, the government will take the call on further action,” the official said.
In Pudukkottai, Law Minister S. Regupathy said the government had clearly stated in the preamble of the bill that 95% of the population supported the ban on online gambling. Gambling was categorized as a disorder by the World Health Organization, so the government’s main task was to eradicate the disease, he said.
The minister said there was no information from the governor after the government sent replies to the clarifications he sought. “There’s no need for him to delay. If anything (suicides) happens from now on, I leave it up to you who is responsible,” said the minister.
Congress leader K Selvaperunthagai expressed disappointment over the delay and claimed that the governor had failed in his prime duty and should be recalled immediately.
Head of PMK With Anbumani Ramadoss said that the country had recorded 33 suicides due to online gambling in 15 months, but it was still not banned. The Governor should be aware of the danger he poses to the people of Tamil Nadu, he tweeted. head of AMMK TTV Dhinakaran said that gubernatorial assent without delay was a tradition and the Supreme Court had condemned delays in the past. “The governor should be careful in the future. Doing it without being criticized is what will make it look good,” he said. head of NTK Seeman impeached the governor for acting against the elected constitution.

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