Real and Barça will skip the “urgent” meeting of the League in Dubai | News Bharat

: Real Madrid and Barcelona will not send club representatives to attend the “urgent” meeting of La Liga’s Extraordinary General Assembly scheduled for Dubai next week, the Spanish giants said on Wednesday.

Real said in a statement that they were notified of the general assembly – which will be held “urgently” on December 7 in Dubai – only last Friday. The meeting, Real added, was called to address important changes to the league’s statutes and internal regulations.

Real said they were also told that the League would provide the club’s representatives and companions with adequate transport and accommodation to facilitate attendance at the meeting.

“We consider the call to be illegal, as the clubs are being called more than 5,000 kilometers from the headquarters of the League,” said Real.

“It is totally unjustifiable to address in this impromptu and urgent manner, without proper debate and calm analysis, the relevant amendments to the internal regulations of the League.”

La Liga rejected Real’s suggestions, saying the meeting was called following internal regulations and adding that the presence of club representatives in Dubai was voluntary, with remote participation systems in place.

“Neither the directly applicable positive regulations nor the internal regulations of the League limit the possibility of the general assembly holding its meetings in any place, as long as this is indicated in the call,” said the League.

“… It is not the first time that the assembly is held in places other than the registered office of the League.”

He added that traveling to Dubai to take advantage of an international event in the region of the importance of a World Cup was “absolutely justified”.

Real said it was “totally inappropriate” and “deeply inconsistent” for La Liga to commit to bringing more than 100 people to the UAE, when it could be held at its headquarters without incurring extraordinary costs.

“Real will not send a representative to Dubai… and regrets having to react to the irresponsible actions of the president of the League, which have an unjustifiable economic cost and damage the image and reputation of Spanish football.”

Meanwhile, Barça has said that its position has always been to reach consensual agreements after having examined the issue in a coherent manner and respecting all positions.

“For this reason, we do not believe it is the right time to travel to Dubai for an event that could take place at the League’s headquarters,” the club said in a statement.

“Once again we show our opposition to any form of action that we consider harmful to the rights and interests of Barcelona.”

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