Senior DMK Minister Hospitalized in Chennai: Here’s What Happened and How He Is Now! | News Bharat

Senior DMK leader and Tamil Nadu KKSSR minister Ramachandran was hospitalized in Chennai after he developed a sudden heart attack. Ramachandran, 73, was admitted to Apollo Hospitals on Greams Road in Chennai on Wednesday. After learning about his hospitalization, several DMK leaders and functionaries wish the minister a speedy recovery.

Ramachandran is the Minister of Revenue and Disaster Management in the state of Tamil Nadu. While he was said to have been taken to the hospital on Wednesday due to heart pain, several reports claim that he was admitted for a routine medical check-up and will be discharged in the evening hours of Thursday, December 1, 2022.

Doctors have carried out clinical examinations of his health and he is being monitored by a team of medical professionals. Sources close to the development say Ramachandran is fine and stable. The minister requested an appointment from his family doctor, Senguttuvan, for a regular medical check-up. Sources further said that Senguttuvan, while out of the country, approached the minister after returning to Chennai.

People close to the minister deny rumors that Ramachandran is in a critical condition and say such rumors spread after he was taken to Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai, where the then Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was admitted and is on eventually died in 2016.

Her hospitalization was full of many rumors and that such rumors are also spread about all the high-profile cases that are admitted to the hospital. People close to Ramachandran claim that the minister is fine and stable and will resume his ministerial work after his dismissal.

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