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Founded in 2021 by this husband and wife duo, BlushBee Organic Beauty is a pure beauty and cosmetic company.

Nowadays, most consumers prefer to opt for organic cosmetics that remain gentle on their skin type and give the desired glow. BlushBee Organic Beauty is one such brand founded by Shobana & Navneethan that tries to spread the message of organic beauty cosmetics. Shobana was so in love with organic cosmetics and pure lipsticks that her husband gave her a lipstick making machine and the rest is history. This Chennai-based brand aims to provide the best and believes in cosmetics that not only make us look beautiful, but also make us feel beautiful.

Abhishansa Mathur had a candid conversation with BlushBee’s founding duo Shobana & Navneethan, where they discussed the brand’s journey and what sets them apart from the rest! Here is an excerpt from the conversation.

BlushBee Organic

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?

I am Shobana Navaneethan. My husband Navaneethan and I started BlushBee Beauty. I am a graduate of Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) and a CPA with a corporate background in the financial services sector. My husband was a business manager at a Big 4 consulting firm. He quit his job to join me in managing and operating BlushBee.

2. Please share the What, When and How of BlushBee Organic Beauty? Can you take us through your journey so far?

The precursor to the idea of ​​consciously clean beauty products came to me about six years ago. I was looking for safe, clean beauty products to use on myself. We all know that we are what we eat. This also applies to what we apply to the skin, lips and eyebrows. Actually, the first product we came up with was lipstick, because that’s what affected me the most. More often than not, you literally eat some of your lipstick.

Back then, it was almost impossible to find a 100% organic label. So whenever we went abroad, I used to buy brands with organic ingredients that were not available in India. Like many of us, I started reading brand labels. I was surprised to find that the organic ingredients are indigenous to India. This got me thinking about the gap that a conscious organic beauty brand should fill. Well, to begin with, there was one consumer, me.

But with enough sensitization – I think it was already growing – there could be a good demand for clean beauty. I started making lipsticks for myself at home. I gave some to friends and family and they loved it. We were all so excited about the lipsticks, my husband even gave me a lipstick maker at the time. Thus, the brand was born.

BlushBee Organic

3. Tell us some background about your sourcing of raw materials and production of the finished product?

I firmly believe that for every chemical compound, at least among cosmetic ingredients, there is a natural organic solution, an alternative. At BlushBee, we find them, source them ethically, and ensure they stay clean and safe once they enter the line. It is a conscious, persistent and continuous effort to manage and expand the BlushBee Beauty line.

4. What beauty trends do you foresee?

Brands are green, organic. This is a viscerally growing trend. People are more aware of what they are putting on themselves. Now more than ever they read the labels, the fine print. Brands therefore have an important focus – the shift to clean, green beauty. I think this is already happening with demand. BlushBee’s growth is proof of that.

5. What makes BlushBee Organic Beauty stand out from other brands?

As I said before, we are a beauty brand and the organic part is an added advantage. People know they are not compromising on beauty when they choose to be mindful of the environment and what they apply to themselves. So, we make it clear in all rooms. From packaging to all communication and branding, we are aligned with this.

6. How do you use social networks to promote your home brand?

We encourage visits to the e-shop with various announcements. In addition to regular social media content such as product features and brand awareness posts, we publish reviews shared by consumers. We’re working on influencer collaboration posts like unboxing and makeup.

7. What is your 5-year plan for BlushBee Organic Beauty?

We strive to become a reputable beauty brand. A brand people are proud of. All our packaging is stylish, as or better than premium Indian or foreign brands. You can take it out, it will boldly say BlushBee, just like you proudly say, you are its consumer. We strive for a complete and comprehensive range of cosmetics and make-up and several certificates.

8. One piece of advice/suggestion you would like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Be conscious and aware, as your consumers or customers will be too. Most solutions are close to your city: so go local, go native. People expect to interact with conscious products. Be it. On top of all that, added value.

The founding duo recommends their star products: edible lipsticks, talc-free blushes and eyeshadows for customers starting their BlushBee journey!

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