Watch: 4 Exotic Animals Found In Passenger’s Luggage At Chennai Airport | Latest News India | News Bharat

Four exotic animals smuggled from Bangkok, Thailand in checked baggage were seized by customs officials in Chennai on Sunday. The dark leaf monkeys are reported to have been found dead on arrival, while the ground marmosets were sent back to Bangkok. The exotic animals were seized under the Customs Act, 1962 read with the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

“According to information, on 27/11/22 customs intercepted a pax arriving from Bangkok, and on inspection of his checked baggage, 2 small marmosets and 2 dark-leafed monkeys (dead) were found and seized under CA, 1962, read with wildlife . act, 1972. Further investigation is underway,” Chennai Customs tweeted. The details of the accused are not yet known.

Small marmosets live in the Amazon region of Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and northern Bolivia. They make their home and live in forest trees or bamboo thickets near or along rivers and floodplains and are orange-brown in color.

The dark leaf monkey is dark gray in color with white spots surrounding its eyes. This color pattern is complemented by a bright crown on the head and a creamy white belly patch. Black-leafed monkeys are known to live up to 25 years in captivity.

At the beginning of August, customs officers intercepted a male passenger at the airport who was transporting a variety of rare animals.

The passenger arrived from Bangkok. Upon inspection, officials found one DeBrazza monkey, fifteen king snakes, five ball pythons and two Aldabra tortoises in the checked baggage.

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