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The bride wore an embroidered jalabiya while the groom wore kandura, bisht and ghutra, even his 750 guests were also dressed in Arabic clothing.

Photos supplied

Photos supplied

Published: Saturday, December 3, 2022, 1:47 p.m

Last update: Saturday, December 3, 2022, 1:57 p.m

Embracing the spirit of UAE National Day, an Arabic-themed wedding reception was held for an Indo-Italian couple in Dubai this week.

Last month, UAE-based Indian resident Nirmalya and Italian-born Gilberto tied the knot in traditional fashion at the Guruvayur temple in Kerala with attendees wearing handwoven dresses made by local weavers.

And now their wedding reception held in Dubai was influenced by Emirati traditions. So Nirmalya wore a green jalabiya like her dress adorned with jewels on her head and Gilberto was wearing it kandura, bisht already ghutra

And not only the bride and groom, but 750 guests were dressed in similar Arabic clothes. In addition, there were artists, dance, music, henna, food, all with a touch of local flavor, and also a few camels and hawks.

Nirmalya is the daughter of Abhini, a fashion designer, and Sohan Roy, an Indian businessman and philanthropic filmmaker based in Sharjah. The unique reception was hosted by Roy’s colleagues at Aries Group.

“A wedding reception like this is a dedication to the country that has given us everything in life. We are happy that this ceremony coincides with the National Day celebrations, which makes it extra special,” said Roy, who carried a kandura, ghutra and walking stick.


“It was a memorable ceremony, set apart by following local traditions for around 750 guests. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience,” said Abhini, whose designs were used for the handwoven dresses worn during the ceremony of the wedding They were made by traditional artisans from Kuthampully, a handloom village in Kerala’s Thrissur district.

“We felt the need to support and spread awareness about the dying handloom sector in India. Hence, everyone wore handwoven dresses by Shekhar Kuthampully,” noted Roy, who has implemented several initiatives in the past unique like India’s Agnipath scheme retiree job offers, pension to parents of employees, strict anti-dowry policy among staff, unemployment benefits. staff wives, scholarships for employees’ children, etc.

Nirmalya and Gilberto studied naval architecture at the University of Southampton in the UK.

“We thank everyone involved in organizing this exceptional ceremony and for giving us precious memories of a lifetime,” said the newlyweds.


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