Why are Real Madrid and Barcelona boycotting LaLiga’s emergency meeting in Dubai? | News Bharat

Real Madrid and Barcelona have issued statements criticizing LaLiga’s decision to bring the Extraordinary General Assembly on December 7 to Dubai.

The clubs were notified on November 25 of the emergency meeting in the United Arab Emirates to study changes to the current LaLiga statutes.

On Wednesday, both Madrid and Barca issued statements saying they would not be sending any representatives.

Statement from Real Madrid says the following:

In response to the call to hold an Extraordinary General Assembly of LaLiga on December 7 in Dubai, Real Madrid CF states the following:

– The call for the holding of the Extraordinary General Assembly was issued last Friday, November 25, which will be held “urgently” on December 7 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with the aim of addressing several modifications important to the statutes and internal regulations of LaLiga. In the same announcement it is indicated that, with the aim of allowing attendance at the meeting, LaLiga will provide the club representatives and their companions with adequate transport and accommodation.

– We believe that the meeting is illegal, given that the clubs are summoned to attend the meeting more than 5,000 km from the headquarters of LaLiga.

– It is completely unjustifiable to tackle in such an improvised and urgent manner, in the absence of an adequate discussion and a careful analysis, the relevant modifications of the internal regulations of LaLiga.

– It is completely inappropriate and deeply incoherent for LaLiga to assume the financial expense of the transport of more than 100 people for the celebration of an event of these characteristics, at this time of the year, in the United Arab Emirates, when the same could be held at LaLiga headquarters. without incurring excessive costs. The clubs are going through very difficult times financially, burdened by the drop in income experienced in recent years, making it incomprehensible that they should incur excessive and unnecessary expenses, especially in the current economic situation.

– Real Madrid CF will not send a representative to Dubai for the reasons stated above and regrets once again having to act against the irresponsible actions of the president of LaLiga, which have an unjustifiable economic cost and which seriously damage the image and reputation of football spanish

Barça does not show up

FC Barcelona on Wednesday he officially confirmed his absence at the Extraordinary General Assembly that LaLiga has called in Dubai. The Catalan club has argued that it will be absent because it considers that a series of very important issues will be voted on at this meeting, such as the modification of the Statutes and the General Regulations of LaLiga, “without requiring a greater prior debate and a more extensive analysis and participatory” in order to “facilitate the maximum consensus that a reform of this magnitude deserves”.

The Blaugrana club recalls that the club’s position “has always been to reach consensual agreements” once they have been dealt with “with consistency and respect in all positions”.

So, Barcelona, ​​chaired by Joan Laporta, announces the trip to Dubai as “inopportune”, assuring that this meeting could be held at LaLiga’s usual headquarters and reaffirming its position against “any action that we consider harmful to the rights and interests of Barcelona”.

LaLiga version

According to LaLiga, the aim of holding the Assembly in Dubai is due to the intention to take advantage of the World Cup, believing that the countries of the Middle East are the epicenter of football, which will improve the image of LaLiga. This is how the employer’s association states it in the statement announcing the celebration of the Assembly in question: “The World Cup break will also serve as an opportunity for LaLiga clubs to immerse themselves in the territory. For this purpose, they will travel to Dubai, where a General Assembly is scheduled to be held. In the framework of this assembly, the clubs will learn more about the specificities of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)”.

“An immersion that aims to facilitate the internationalization of the clubs of these countries and help them get closer to the local fans. Knowing first-hand the entertainment consumption habits of its inhabitants, the industry or the type of companies that develop their activity in the territory will be key so that LaLiga clubs can better direct their efforts when expanding -se in this area. In addition, during the days of this immersion, networking sessions will be held with other clubs, companies and public institutions in the territory, which will facilitate new opportunities for collaboration, investment and projection in the MENA region”, concludes the press release of LaLiga.

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